A Robot That Can Stick Out Tongue Faster Than A Chameleon

Frogs and chameleons stick out their tongues at lightning speed and eat the flying insects, but now a robot called Snatcher pulls out its artificial tongue even faster and pulls and sticks objects to itself.

Experts at South Korea's National University of Science and Technology have developed a chameleon-like robot that can reach its artificial tongue at a distance of 30 inches in just 600 milliseconds. The robot has been named Snatcher. It quickly pulls small objects in front of it by sticking them to its tongue.

The robot weighs only 120 grams and is driven by a spring tightened in a bracelet. In this way the language moves forward and then returns. However, it should be noted that this robot has been developed keeping in view the language of the chameleon but a hook has been attached to its end which attaches the object in front of it and pulls it with lightning speed.

Although this is a preliminary model, the robotic tongue can still pull 30 grams, but its speed is very high. It currently has a metal tape that you can call a language, but in the future it could be made from other materials.

But the question is, what is the benefit of all this hard work? 

Experts believe that the fast-moving robotic tongue can be used to quickly pick up objects that have fallen to the ground, even in a low-lying system. In addition, the robot will be able to help some patients to collect or lift items.

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