Google once again leaked its new phone 'accidentally'

Most companies try to hide their new smartphones until they are introduced, but Google is different.

In fact, Google often leaks the details of its Pixel phones itself, whether by mistake or intentionally.

The dark release of Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 was leaked by Google before the official announcement and this year also confirmed the new cheap Pixel 4A itself.

By the way, it seems that people already know all the details about this phone except the introduction date.

But now Google itself has accidentally (or knowingly) leaked its design on one of its online stores.

For some mysterious reason, the new phone appeared on the Canadian page of the company's Google Nest Wi-Fi.

The leak confirms what the design will look like, which is very similar to the Pixel 4, with a camera hole punch design instead of a dual on the front.

In fact, for the first time, Google is offering a punch hole selfie camera with an all-screen display.

The photo shows May 12, the start date of Google's annual event, which was canceled due to the Corona virus epidemic.

The Pixel 4A was supposed to be unveiled at the event, but it didn't happen. The company has not yet said when it will be available.

The phone is expected to be priced at $350 to compete with Apple's iPhone SE.

There are rumors that Google Pixel 4A may also offer 5G support.

It should be noted that the Google Pixel smartphone series is considered the best because of the pure Android operating system and camera system.

Google's phones are among the flagship devices that are often so expensive that most people can't afford them, and last year the company introduced a cheaper version of the Pixel 3A.

Google also confirmed the phone on its website before it was introduced.

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