Does America Want to Build a 'Secret Space Base'?

The US Department of Defense (DOD) has recently quietly awarded a contract to a private company, the Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), to build a small and experimental space station. The experimental space station will be built by replacing the company's 'Shooting Star Cargo Spacecraft'.

Defense analysts say that after land, air and sea superiority, the United States now has its eyes on space superiority, which it wants to ensure at all costs in the years to come. The DOD's contract for an experimental space station is the first in a series.

It should be noted that since 2016, SNC has been working on an alternative spacecraft for the US space agency, NASA, the Dream Chaser, which aims to maintain the movement of equipment and personnel to the International Space Station.

Like the current space shuttle, the spacecraft is 16 meters long and will be able to carry 10,000 pounds of cargo into space with a single flight. The 'shooting star' will be attached to it and sent into space.

The SNC says it is also capable of launching a shooting star capsule into lunar orbit. Work on a small space station at SNC will begin soon following an agreement with the US Department of Defense. However, it is not clear when and at what cost the project will be completed.

According to a recent report published on the website The Drive, the US military may also want to set up "outposts" in space to "protect" US interests in space.

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