Common Mistakes that Shorten the Life of Smartphones

The use of smartphones is becoming more common now and most people have these devices from different companies

But do you feel that the life of smartphones is not more than one or two years after which there are many problems.

In fact, most people make a few mistakes that do not seem to be harmful, but shorten the life of smartphones.

Needless to say, the new phone is not cheap, so everyone wants to use it as long as possible, if you also want to avoid the mistakes that ruin the life of the phone.

Prefer vibration for notifications

Your phone, like any other tool or device, ages and becomes less useful when used.

According to experts, some features such as vibrating notifications make it difficult for the phone to work, as it results in the phone having to work at full capacity even for unnecessary tasks. Like humans, a phone needs some rest so that its functions are not affected.

Keep apps on the phone that you don't use

Whether it's an iPhone or an Android device, apps that aren't used suck up battery life, for example if you open an app only once and never use it again, this app Possibly working in the background.

If you do not use such apps, it is better to delete them, which will not only increase the battery life, but also save valuable space.

Allowing unnecessary permissions

Ride-sharing apps require a location to cook for you, but why don't other apps need such permission, so look at apps that are given such permissions and deny unnecessary permissions.

Battery sucking apps

There are some apps that drain the battery very quickly, most notably SnapChat, Google Maps, Netflix and Facebook.

According to The Guardian, just deleting the Facebook app from Android can improve battery life by 20%, while getting rid of the Facebook Messenger app can increase the load time of other apps by 15%.

Facebook, in particular, consumes battery life more quickly because it works in the background even when not in use.

Too bright screen

Gone are the days when the phone screen was very small but you need to understand that these big screens are the biggest enemy of the phone battery.

It is therefore important to turn on the adapter brightness in the display menu, which will help the phone adjust the screen brightness according to the environment.

Put it under your bed or pillow

Placing a sleeping phone under a pillow can also shorten its life due to the heat generated in the device.

There is also a risk of fire if your phone is charging or there is something wrong with it.

Leave the phone on the charging cable

Not removing your phone from the charger even when the battery is full can damage the battery, not that the phone will be overloaded, but the heat can damage the battery, especially if your charging cable is faulty. Be

Overnight charging

The idea of   a fully charged phone when you wake up in the morning may seem good, but leaving the device on overnight for charging is harmful on a long-term basis.

The track charge continues even when the phone is fully charged, this extra charge forces the battery to work non-stop, preferably not to fully charge the lithium ion battery as high voltage increases the pressure on the battery. And performance deteriorates over time.

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