Meta will launch a new virtual reality headset in October

Zuckerberg promises that it will improve the feeling of immersion in virtual worlds.

Meta will launch a new virtual reality headset in October with more advanced features than its current Oculus Quest 2 and which will also, predictably, have a higher price. Mark Zuckerberg himself, founder of the company, confirmed this during the recording of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, one of the most listened to in the world.

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According to Zuckerberg, the new helmet will include cameras capable of capturing the user's facial expression and transferring it to their virtual avatars, thus improving the sense of immersion and non-verbal communication. The helmet is most likely the one that has been known by the internal codename of Project Cambria for months and is just one of several models that Meta hopes to bring to market in the coming years.

If so, the helmet would be priced at around $800 , according to insiders, which is almost double what the current Quest 2 costs. In exchange for that higher price, it will offer more resolution, a larger field of view and features advanced. The announcement comes a few days after Zuckerberg was forced to apologize for the graphic quality of his virtual social network Horizon Worlds, in which users can create virtual worlds where they can hold work meetings or play games using avatars.

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This network has just landed in France and Spain, but to promote this international expansion, Zuckerberg used a screenshot of his avatar in front of two virtual models of the Eiffel Tower and the Sagrada Familia, which has quickly become a meme due to its poor graphic quality.

Zuckerberg assures that there will soon be considerable improvements in the appearance of virtual avatars and has shown an example of what his will look like in this new version.

The helmet known until now as Project Cambria, in any case, will not be the company's only bet. for the year 2024 it is also preparing augmented reality glasses with the appearance of conventional glasses.

Known internally as Project Nazare, these glasses will have a much higher price, close to 2,000 euros or dollars, but will be able to superimpose highly realistic synthetic images on the user's natural field of vision.

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