Twitter Will Finally Allow Editing Tweets, But Not Thanks To Elon Musk

This has been one of the most requested demands by users. "People want to be able to correct (sometimes embarrassing) mistakes, typos, and hot-typed tweets"

After announcing the acquisition of 9.2% of Twitter, one of Elon Musk's first comments was to ask the social network if he should press for Twitter to integrate a tweet editing function. Well, Twitter has confirmed today that this feature is going to exist but not because of the result of Musk's poll.

The company has been working on a tool to do so since last year. On April 1, which is the equivalent of April Fool's Day in the US, he even announced it publicly, but almost the entire user community considered it a joke. Yesterday, however, the official Twitter account gave some more details and even showed what the menu function will be like that will allow you to edit a message.

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Needless to say, it is one of the most requested features for years by users (and the source of many internal jokes even among the founders themselves, hence no one took the April 1 message very seriously). Twitter, however, has resisted implementing it because of the problems it can cause.

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One of the justifications, for example, is that a message could reach wide circulation thanks to the "retweet" tool and then be modified to say something completely different.

But user pressure seems to have had an effect. In the coming months, the option to edit a tweet will begin to appear in the accounts of some users of the Twitter Blue service, a subscription that for $2.99 ​​gives the most enthusiastic users of the social network some advanced options.

Twitter Blue users, for example, have the ability to unpublish a tweet a few seconds after hitting the publish button, access to some media articles without having to be subscribed to them, and a continuous reading mode. for the famous "threads" that users create by joining several tweets to avoid the maximum tax of 280 characters.

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