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Hacked the arms distribution data of a British company

Thousands of names and addresses belonging to UK customers of a leading website for buying and selling shotguns and rifles have been posted on the dark web following a "security breach". Guntrader.uk told the BBC that it learned of the breach on Monday and that it had notified the Information Commissioner's Office.

Police, including the National Crime Agency, are investigating . An affected gun owner said he feared the rape could lead to his family being targeted by criminals. Gun ownership is strictly controlled in the UK, making guns difficult to acquire and potentially valuable on the black market.

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The individual, who did not want to be identified, told the BBC that the breach " seriously compromises my safety provisions for my firearms and puts me in a situation where my family and I could be attacked and in danger".

Twitter tests a system of positive and negative votes

Some iOS Twitter users will view upvotes and downvotes in comments as part of their research "to understand the types of responses they find relevant," says the social network. The voting buttons will be thumbs or arrows according to a graphic shared by Twitter.

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Twitter said that negative votes will not be visible to other users and will not change the order of the responses. Commenters have drawn parallels to Reddit's use of up and down voting.

Twitter's interest in methods for users to vote against or dislike had already been followed last year by product leader Kayvon Beykpour, who tweeted that it was something "we are exploring." But in today's announcement, the company made it clear that this was not a "dislike" button. Voting for and against is characteristic of many sites, but users were not sure if this would improve the quality of interaction on Twitter.

Who was the first astronaut in history?

Last week on Jeff Bezos' team that took a spacewalk was astronaut Wally Funk, who was once trained by NASA on a mission that was ultimately not carried out. Funk's participation in the mission has opened debate about female astronauts throughout history. Some users of Twitter and other social networks have been confused when affirming that Funk was the first woman to do what she has done.

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The claim is false, since it was the Soviet Union that brought the first woman into space. In 1961 the USSR had taken cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin into space, two years later it was Valentina Tereshkova (1937 -…) who was able to travel to it . In this way, Valentina became the first female cosmonaut in history. Unlike Funk, the trip was designed and launched by a state and not a billionaire businessman.

Currently Valentina has stated that she would like to participate in a trip to Mars even if it did not have a return trip. 

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