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Tesla, ready to open its superchargers to electric cars of other brands

One of the keys to Tesla's success as a manufacturer of electric cars is undoubtedly having its own network of fast Superchargers around the world (they already exceed 25,000, worldwide). However, until now they have always been for the exclusive use of Elon Musk's signature vehicles. However, that may start to change shortly , specifically from the moment it could be beneficial to Tesla itself. In some areas, such as the Vestland region in Norway (the country 'paradise' for electric cars), steps are already being taken towards this new path. Specifically, it has been known that local public institutions would condition their aid for the installation of new Superchargers to be stations open to models from all manufacturers. 

This could start to happen already after the summer of 2022 ... and it is not the first time that some institution requires the American manufacturer to open its recharging network (although it is the first time in which a date is set). Similar conversations have also been reported from Germany , specifically from the mouth of the German federal transport minister himself, Andreas Scheuer, who acknowledged negotiations with Tesla in this regard. Tesla has never been reluctant to open its recharging network, although it can always reach favorable agreements to reduce the costs of installing and maintaining the network. And as the European fleet of electric cars grows, it will be more feasible that its Superchargers can be enjoyed by users of a greater number of manufacturers.

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The latest trends on TikTok to be the most viral

This madness got out of hand already in confinement and now, it has returned thanks to the fact that we are once again locked up at home for the measures imposed. It is pure addiction! You spend idle hours browsing TikTok and you don't even realize that you've wasted 4 hours in a row of your life watching crazy videos. I doubt anyone doesn't know what platform I'm talking about, right? Do we all know TikTok? Okay, some of us have been caught a little older but the good thing about this channel is that it is designed for everyone: children, teenagers, influencers , families, couples, parents, friends and even for our furry pets. So that you do not say. This YouTube video will take you into the wonderful but addictive world of TikTok. 

You are warned. Although you may not know it, we all have a TikTok challenge assigned almost, since the world is world. Discover your hidden talent with this test. Who knows! You can even become a viral TikToker. It seems that TikTok has arrived with force and still has a long way to go (some call it the Fornite of social networks) . Its main feature is the ease of creating and editing original and fun visual content. Therefore, it has dazzled us. Challenging you can sting with other users challenges, interact through hashtags strangers to gain popularity, imitating parodies or just have a fun time watching memes.  It is a social network that constantly changes every second. Only the most active and innovative profiles gain followers at an impressive rate. We are facing a new generation of influencers ; a new way of communicating advertising. Not only is TikTok going to imitate the most difficult dance, but to create quick recipes for dummies , promote and collaborate with brands, upload clips of "5 outfits with a white shirt" or "My make-up with a mask." You can join the various challenges that arise every day jumping from community to community  and even celebrities use this space to promote their songs since you can do duets with your favorite artists. We are sure that this network has made you laugh on more than one occasion. Although you do not feel millennial, this "boom" has caught us all, speaking badly and soon, in panties. We, the most we did was upload a "stories" on a chill terrace and a photo to our Instagram feed when it gave us inspiration. Now, it seems that you have to be Ester Exposito level dancing to hit it through the networks.  

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Apple would be working on iPads with "huge" screens

The 12.9- inch iPad Pro might seem tiny compared to what's to come. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is exploring iPads with even larger screens. This is a potential product, which means that it is still being planned for conception and is therefore in the early stages of pre-production, but we could see it in a couple of years. Still, the fact that Apple is considering a makeover of iPads would be remarkable: It has never ventured beyond 12.9 inches since it launched the original iPad Pro in 2015. An earlier rumor claims that the iPad Pro will be redesigned. 

In 2022 with a glass back that could support wireless charging. However, the screen size is not expected to change. A bigger iPad could be risky. Many believe that the current iPad Pro is too big when not connected to a keyboard and a larger model can be much more difficult to handle. Also, some voices complain that iPadOS is not taking full advantage of iPad hardware today. Apple may not be the only one thinking about size increases. According to reports, Samsung is considering (if not actively developing) a tablet of 14.6 inches.

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Binance has banned in UK 

The criptomonedas just found another stone in seeking acceptance of international governments. The Financial Times reports that the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA for its centuries in English) has banned the main cryptocurrency exchange wallet called Binance from conducting regulated activities in the country. This includes both Binance Markets Limited and its parent Binance Group. The supervisory body did not say the reasons why it blocked Binance, but noted that a "requirement imposition" has prevented Binance from operating. 

Binance has until June 30 to confirm that it is complying with the FCA's demands. In the past, Binance explained that it took state regulations "very seriously" and was "committed" to abiding by the rules wherever it operated. Be that as it may, this is a significant blow. Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges on the planet, with operations around the world and an industry-leading trade volume of approximately €2.02 billion as of May 2021.

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