New Internet Speed Record || 178 Terabytes For Each Second

Specialists at University College London have set another Internet speed record by moving information at a speed of 178 terabits for each second of optical fiber. Basically, at this speed, 1500 recordings with 15 gigabytes can be downloaded in only one second. 

The past record for information move from optical fiber was 150.3 terabits every second, which was set in 2018 in Japan. The current record is about 18.5% quicker. 

Despite the fact that this achievement has been accomplished on a trial and restricted scale, specialists state that with minor and minimal effort changes to the current optical fiber framework, this innovation will have the option to make the Internet phenomenally quick without hardly lifting a finger. 

It ought to be noticed that at present, the normal speed of broadband web worldwide as far as downloading is 81.46 megabits every second, while the normal speed of 4G portable web is 34.51 megabits every second. With an absolute download speed of 110.9 megabits every second, the UAE positions first on the planet.

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