WhatsApp's New Feature That All Group Users Should Be Aware

WhatsApp is constantly updating the platform and it is already known that the company is working on a feature to use one account in multiple devices at the same time.

But now a new report says that Facebook's proprietary messaging application is working on another feature that will be helpful for users of WhatsApp groups.

WABetaInfo, a site that tracks WhatsApp updates, reports that the messaging app is working on a new feature called Mute Always .

This feature allows users to permanently block any group notifications.

WhatsApp currently gives users 3 options to disturb the constant notifications of a group, ie the notification can be muted for 8 hours, a week or a year.

But now the company is improving it to allow users to block group chat notifications indefinitely.

According to the report, WhatsApp is planning to replace the one-year option with the Mute Allways button so that users can get rid of unnecessary group notifications forever or keep them away until they do it again. Not ready to become an active member.

This feature is currently under development and is available in beta version of Android.

If you are a beta user, you can download this version and test this feature.

By the way, if you are worried about people being added to WhatsApp groups, you can decide to enable a feature in the group privacy settings so that only certain people can add you to a new group.

Disabling this feature will allow users to receive invitations to a group and will not be able to add them directly.

To use this feature, open the WhatsApp, go to Settings, then Accounts, then go to Groups in the Privacy Options, and then choose one of Every One, My Contacts or My Contacts Except.

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